Steve Houston came from the Lodi, California area in 1979 to establish Houston Vineyards at Eugene, Oregon in 1980. Steve’s family had farmed wine and table grapes around Lodi since the 1880’s beginning just east of Lodi in the Elkhorn Township.

A University of California at Davis graduate, Steve combined his family’s experience with the University’s viticultural standards, moved to Oregon, and began his quest for a vineyard site that would truly preserve the delicate subtleties of the Chardonnay grape.

When the vineyard was planted in 1981, the most rewarding aspect of this particular pursuit was never anticipated. It has, and remains today, the joy of producing wine that has attracted such a lovely, talented, and diverse group of fans! Yes, the vineyard was planted and our wines have evolved, but the opportunity of meeting with, and satisfying our customers has given us our greatest sense of achievement.